“Women are the Currency of the Day” (Digital Art & Photography)

by Shanice Smith

Murray Street


Artist Statement

My work explores gender-based issues – the violence faced by women and children in our societies, e.g. the constant objectification of women and the role of the media. Through the use of everyday items such as dollar bills, plastic shop display containers as well as images of my body and others, I investigate these issues and how they eventually become internalized and are often seen as a norm. So it can be stated that I am interested in social interventions and not so much the making of things just for display. From these observations/ experiments, there is a need to explore the ‘why’ factor of the use of women and children for capital gain – for exchange. The work seeks to create awareness by engaging the audience. The inspiration behind this is drawn from my own journey of self-discovery, a confrontation of self and also my mother’s battles with her past experiences and the rippling effects that have occurred. My mother’s stories not only serve as inspiration and motivation for the current work, but also bring about the transformation of silence into a language of action.

Shanice Smith received two certificates from The University of the West Indies, Open Campus in Social work and Psychology before going on to pursue a Bachelor’s in Fine Art, also at UWI. Her work investigates how messages are conveyed in the public domain which is done by video and performance pieces. She is concerned with female exploitation and objectification as well a keen interest in children’s issues. Her most recent exhibition was staged at the Caribbean Linked IV in Aruba, August of 2016. The work thus far has taken the form of video installations or mixed media work.