“Summer” (Poem)

by Shaunee Morgan

we brought a New York love affair
back to Kingston to save it
to save us
what if we could just love this place
back to salvation
and us
bringing confusion and resentment
back to other people’s paradise
maybe the sea only heals the believers
and means to wash weh the sodomites
maybe ours is not a love worth saving
not in this place
not this time

Shaunee Morgan is currently a law student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School pursuing a juris doctorate and a certificate in global human rights. She left, or more accurately, was taken from St. Mary, Jamaica as a child and has been on a winding journey back ever since. Books, in all their forms and subject matter, were her saving grace as a child in a foreign land and journaling a therapeutic way to try to make sense of the feeling of ‘placelessness’ that comes with forced migration. She is personally and professionally interested in Blackness, feminism, (im)migration and the intersection of all three.